Shaftless Screws / Spirals

ML Products deliver excellent performance in a cost effective manner

Spiral Conveyors

ML spiral (screw) conveyors are used for dust and odour free transport of numerous types of materials such as dewatered sludges, pulp, wood chips, sawdust,

Screenings Collection & Washing

washes and presses screening from a fine screen or sieve. The Wash press is manufactured in three standard sizes for various capacity requirements.

Welcome to ML Spirals

ML will celebrate its 50th year in continuous operation in 2015, and has been manufacturing shaftless screws since 1972. ML has thousands of installations for screw conveyor transport, unloading and storage systems throughout the world, with many of the largest shaftless screw installations in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada.

ML is one of the pioneers of the technology to transport wet, sticky and difficult materials with a high risk of clogging.

The strongest and most robust alloy steel spirals are manufactured from the best material, high tensile strength Swedish alloy steel, cold formed in a multitude of close tolerance diameters , and pitches, up to 762 mm (30 inch) in diameter, and greater, and in a variety of bar sizes as large as 120 x 30 mm (4.8 inches x 1.2 inches)


In the segment for handling of screenings, sand and sludge we also manufacture equipment for combined washing and pressing of screenings.

Ever since the company started, ML has had shaftless conveyors in their line of products. Conveyors have in many parts been additional equipment...

ML offers the strongest and most robust alloy steel spirals manufactured from high tensile steels, cold formed in a mul􏰀tude of close tolerance diameters.

A compact and economic screen for the separation, dewatering and transport of screenings.