ML Screw Conveyor

Ever since the company started, ML has had shaftless conveyors in their portfolio of products. This means that ML has extensive experience with almost any application and that the conveyors always are tailored and designed for the application they shall work in. The shaftless conveyors are accepted as the leading method for transporting solid materials such as screening, sand, mud, etc. The conveyor is a closed unit, which also makes it safe and quiet in a clean environment.


  • The shaftless performance has the best qualifications to carry unmanageable materials
  • Minimal risk of clogging due to the shaftless spiral
  • The closed system gives from the environmental point of view a good handling in terms of odour and safety
  • Available for vertical transportation of sludge and screening
  • Low operating and maintenance cost


Installed in over a thousand plants worldwide where MLís products are handling the screening, dewatered sludge and sand. Our customers are mainly water and wastewater treatment plants, food processing industry, chemical industry as well as the pulp and paper industry.

Standard Version

Made from standard components that are adapted to each individual installation. Troughs are formed in 304 or 316 steel and are fitted with wear liner. Wear liner can be delivered as low friction liner and also high molecular liner made out of plastic which will be adapted to the media to be transported. Hardox bar liners a re also available.


With inlet and outlet discharge box which is adjusted for each delivery. The discharge box can be provided with manually operated hatches, pneumatic or motorized.

Other accessories include pivot and wheel gear, electronic overload protection, sensors or switches. Can be provided with stuffing boxes for wet materials and additional support layers to relieve the spirals in long screw conveyors.


Manufactured in diameters 230-630 mm and has a maximum capacity of approximately 80 m3/h at horizontal mounting.

  •  BioMass / BioFuels