ML Screw Conveyor Spare Parts

ML has a large range of available parts for your screw conveyor needs. With the largest range of mandrels for spiral fabrication in the world, ML can replace any manufacturers spiral matching diameter and pitch to within 1%!

Also available are authentic Spaans Screw Conveyor Parts after ML's acquisition of the shafted screw technology of Spaans Bulk Handling Systems (Spaans BHS) , formerly the material handling group within Spaans Babcock BV of the Netherlands former conveying division. ML has all of the intellectual property including original manufacturing drawings for Spaans Conveyance systems and the authentic Spaans Intermediate Bearings.

ML / Spaans BHS Intermediate Bearings

ML / Spaans BHS intermediate bearings come in many shapes and sizes. By applying a flexible coupling that has been specially designed by ML / Spaans BHS, larger distances between bearing assemblies are possible.


  • Longer distances between bearings
  • Long life expectancy for bearings
  • Minimizes the number of intermediate bearings required.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple (cascade arrangement) conveyors
  • Can be added to existing conveyors
  • Suitable for reversing conveyors
  • Local or central lubrication is possible

If you have a conveyance system sold by Spaans BHS, Spaans Babcock, Asdor, US Filter, Siemens, Parkson, American Bulk Conveying, Inc. or Hoogendonk Engineering,

we have the replacement bearings for you!