Shaftless Screw Spirals

ML Spirals was one of the three original Swedish manufacturers to supply spirals made from a high tensile micro alloy bar material, which produces an optimum hardness has been found to be the best material for forming and welding a spiral for optimal strength and life. ML cold forms our spirals in the desired tolerance, diameter and pitch (within 1%).

ML Spirals has one of the largest inventories of mandrels used for the forming of shaftless spirals in the world. ML has been an OEM supplier of spirals for many of the leading manufacturers of Shaftless Screw Conveyors, including Spaans Babcock, Asdor, US Filter, Siemens, Schwing Bioset and BioSec Enviro. This inventory allows us to supply and retrofit almost any manufacturers conveyor system.

ML offers the strongest and most robust alloy steel spirals manufactured from high tensile steels, cold formed in a mul􏰀tude of close tolerance diameters.

In addition to these standard sizes, ML offers custom size options.​