About Us

ML has in excess of 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and applications of shaftless and shafted screw conveyor transport and storage systems with thousands of installations worldwide. ML performed the detailed spiral engineering for a multitude of large installations throughout the world, in close cooperation with large OEM conveyor manufacturers. ML spirals are the key component in many of the most difficult conveyor applications.

ML offers the following services to their clients;

The strongest and most robust alloy steel spirals manufactured from high tensile alloy steels, cold formed in a multitude of close tolerance diameters , and pitches, up to 762 mm (30 inch) in diameter, and greater, and in a variety of bar sizes as large as 120 x 30 mm (4.8 inches x 1.2 inches)

  • Availability of various Brinnell hardness (BHN ) spirals for special applications
  • Availability of various stainless steels (SS) for food and other hygienic applications
  • Engineering support for horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, as well as storage, unloading and loading applications.
  • Spiral application technology supported by US and European patents
  • Original design replacement and spare parts for Conveyor systems manufactured by Spaans Babcock, Spaans Bulk Handling Systems, Asdor, US Filter, Siemens as well as other shaftless and shafted Conveyor manufacturers.

Replacement spirals, liners and other parts for any conveyor manufacturer. ML offers the largest range of screw diameters available.